Pagan Christmas - Mantra-Kadabra

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 PAGAN CHRISTMAS The Plants, Spirits, and Rituals at the Origins of Yuletide

Christian R?tsch and Claudia M?ller-Ebeling Translated from the German by Katja Lueders and Rafael Lorenzo

Inner Traditions Rochester, Vermont

CONTENTS Preface The Ethnobotany of Christmas

Traditions, Rituals, and Customs Christmas Songs of the Hard Winter A Pagan Feast Red and White: Colors of Christmas The Darkness of Midwinter Sacred Nights, Smudging Nights, and Incense Wotan and the Wild Hunt From the Shamanic World Tree to the Christmas Tree Christmas Trees Holy Trees St. Nicholas and His Little Helper, Ruprecht Baccy Claus: The Smoking Christmas Man Father Christmas: An Anthropomorphic Fly Agaric Mushroom? Christmas Tree Decorations The Golden Apples Miracle Blossoms for the Winter Solstice St. Barbara's Boughs Christ Rose or Hellebore

Christmas Roses Christmas Stars Exotic Christmas Flowers Christmas Greens The Old Ones of the Woods Mistletoe: Winter Woods Green Holly: Frau Holle's Holy Tree Laurel: The Sun God's Plant Ivy: Tendrils of the Maenads The Aromas of Christmas: A Shower of Pheromones Incense for the Holy Nights Incense Under the Christmas Tree Incense Recipes for the Smudging Nights Christmas Intoxications and Other Delights Yule Drinking Love on Christmas Eve? Chocolate Father Christmas: Ritual Christmas Cannibalism Mugwort, the Sacrificial Goose, and the Christmas Roast Rosemary and the Yule Boar Merry Christmas from Mother Coca, Coca-Cola, and Santa Claus Christmas Spices and Christmas Baking

Anise and St. Andrew's Night Saffron: Red Gold for Christmas Christmas Baking The Rebirth of the Sun Sun Gods: Apollo, Mithras, and Jesus Mystery Cults Kyphi: Incense for the Smudging Nights Saturn, the God of Incense The Erotic Bean Feast New Year's Eve: The Wild Feast of Sylvester Protection and Fertility Rites Lucky Plants Happy New Year Thunder and Witch Flour From Incense to Fireworks Lucky Mushrooms and Chimney Sweeps New Year's Day Magical, Shamanic Clover The Night of Befana, the Christmas Witch Holy Bushes that Protect Against Witches Paradise Plant


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