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´╗┐Transition Words and Phrases

Size Transitions: The largest The next largest The smallest

Larger than Equal to Smaller than

The smallest The next smallest The largest

The small-sized The medium-sized The large-sized

The tallest The shortest

Time Transitions:







At last, Later

At the beginning of In the middle of At the end of

Thereafter, Presently, After a short time, Soon thereafter,

By this time, At the same time, At that instant, Immediately, Simultaneously,

Before In the meantime Meanwhile During After Afterwards

First, Second, Third, Finally,

In the morning, Before noon, In the afternoon, In the evening,

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, The day after tomorrow,

The first A more recent The most recent

In the past, In the present, In the future,

The next day, Two weeks later, Six months later,

This year, Next year, In the next few years,

The earliest The next earliest The most recent

Space Transitions:


on the edge of






to the right of


to the left of

low down

on top of

on the bottom at the top

on the corner by

beside around near side by side close to next to down up

in front of facing in back of in the center inside outside at the end of between

west of east of north of south of at the in on above

high against alongside ahead of here there beyond farther on

Importance Transitions:

The best

The most important

The next best

Equally important

The least best

The next important

The least important

The first More important than More important

The best The next best The worst

Chain-Link Transitions:

On the one hand,

One example of,

On the other hand, For instance,

Another example


A further example


For example,


For instance,

Still another

In addition,

In the same way,

In fact,

The opposite of __ is __ Lastly,

On the contrary side Similar to __ is __

To the contrary,


In contrast,


In spite of

Despite the

In the first place, In the second place, In the third place,

In other words, In fact, Additionally,

One Another A further Further, Furthermore,

The last Last Nevertheless, Nonetheless,

Because Since As Still, While Instead Indeed, Although Even though Even if

The first The second The third

First, Second, Third, Specifically, More specifically In particular, As a result, Consequently, Naturally, After all,

Concluding Transitions:

To conclude,

In sum,

In conclusion,

In brief,

In summary,

In short,

To sum up, To summarize, Thus, Therefore,

As you can see, As a result, Finally,

Commonly Used Transition Words and Phrases for Expository Essays

Beginning (beginning of the second paragraph

Middle (the beginning of the

third paragraph)

End (the beginning of the

fourth paragraph)

Conclusion (the final paragraph)

First, My first reason To illustrate my point, In fact,

To begin with, For one thing, You see, Obviously,

Next, Secondly, My second reason Additionally, Along with Likewise, In the same manner,

Next, Finally, My final reason

Obviously, Second, Once again, In addition, Again Moreover, Similarly,

Lastly, My last reason Once again,

In conclusion,



As a result,

To summarize,



By this time

To sum up my thoughts, Now that


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