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People’s Personality

Look at the following list of personality traits. Decide if they are good or bad.

Generous Well-educated Greedy

Well-traveled Warmhearted Impatient

Stingy Lazy Hardworking

Moody Outgoing Shy

Kind Easygoing Ignorant

Mean Stubborn Thoughtful

Reliable Unreliable Affectionate

Honest Deceitful Arrogant

Ambitious Intelligent Obnoxious

Rude Polite

Good Traits Bad Traits

Which of these traits describe you?

Which of these traits describe your father? Your mother?

Complete these sentences:

My ideal friend is . . .

My ideal partner is . . .

Personality Definitions

(in your own words)


A stingy person is someone who doesn’t like to spend money.___

A lazy person is ____________________________

A moody person is ____________________________

An honest person is ____________________________

An impatient person is ___________________________

An Ambitious person is ___________________________

An arrogant person is ___________________________

A shy person is ____________________________

An easygoing person is ___________________________


Kind is the opposite of ______________________

Stingy is the opposite of ______________________

Shy is the opposite of ______________________

Honest is the opposite of ______________________

Rude is the opposite of ______________________

Lazy is the opposite of ______________________


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