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november 2017 PH

Generose & Willy Uy Reliv Ambassadors and President's Team members


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OPTION 1: Sign-up for P3,500 ? Reliv Distributor Kit ? 2 NOW mini boxes (20 sachets) ? 1 LRX30 capsules ? 1 shaker cup

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06 Health Stories: Discover the Life-Changing Health Benefits of Reliv

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"Reliv can own boss

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mean for YOU."

Lorena Advincula, Bulacan

"We all started Reliv 10 yrs ago, but we also tried other nutritional supplements. In the end, we decided to go back to Reliv." #Feelthedifference #RELIVFORLIFE

Marilyn Arenas, Tagum City

"Happy to be invited again by Ma'am Nancy Elarcosa to share about Reliv at Blessed John Learning School. Parents were grateful to learn the health benefits Reliv's nutritional products can provide for their children." #myfaststarter #AM/PMpresentation

Dolly Lilles, Bacolod


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Bernie Birch Reliv Asia Pacific, Sales Manager

"Rarely does a response make something better. What makes it better is a connection." ? Bren? Brown. I watched a short video of a speech by Bren? Brown the other day where she wrapped up her talk with this phrase. It got me to thinking about what it is that we do as people committed to the Reliv mission ? `To nourish our world in body, mind and spirit.'

Her talk was on the difference between empathy and sympathy with the premise that empathy is being able to feel what the other person is feeling and to just be with them and let them know that you know how they feel and are there for support.

I realized that this is what we do when we introduce new people to the Reliv products and opportunity. Most of us, if not all of us, have faced adversity in our lives and have probably had periods of poor health to some degree. This allows us to have empathy for the people we meet and to relate to them when we share how our lives and others have been changed for the better from our connection with Reliv.

Which brings me to why our stories have such an impact on others. When you share a story with someone who has poor health or poor finances, you are demonstrating to them that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You don't have to tell them about a solution, you demonstrate it through the story.

The tradition of storytelling was an important tool in preserving history for tribes throughout the world for thousands of years. Stories allow a connection to be made

between the listeners and the storyteller. This connection strengthens when the story shows an empathy from the storyteller to the listener. You don't need to tell someone the solution to their challenge, you just need to make a connection with a relevant story and they'll realize the solution. Our business has always been based on stories and always will be. Make sure that you have your kitbag full of stories so that no matter who you are speaking to about Reliv, you have a story that will demonstrate to them that you understand where they are at and they will draw their own conclusion that Reliv is the light at the end of the tunnel.


Real People.

Results. Real

Margie Janiva


It's always exciting when someone new starts taking Reliv. They like the taste of the shakes and how simple it is to take the products. But we find what keeps them coming back for more are the remarkable health results they experience. We're happy to share these real-life stories of people from

everywhere and learn how Reliv has helped improve their health and changed their lives for the better.

Name: Margie Janiva Location: Bacolod City

I wasn't able to work for a year because of stiffness and discomfort in my neck, shoulders, fingers and knees. I took various prescription medicines but they gave only temporary relief. What's worse, medications did not reduce the inflammation all over my body. My movements were limited and I struggled with doing household chores. I felt sad because I thought I was unproductive.

Name: Robert Sonza Location: Negros Occidental

At age 4, my daughter Francy was sickly and had difficulty in breathing. Her immune system was weak and she would easily catch colds. After taking Reliv for months, we noticed a significant improvement with her health. She started feeling better and became more active just like any toddler her age. We often found her giggling while playing with other kids or family members.

Reliv nutrition helped me to be active again. After a few months on the products, I started to feel revitalized and noticed an increase in my energy levels. Recent laboratory tests show that the inflammation has subsided. With my renewed energy, I was allowed to work again but this time as a consultant in one the local government units (LGUs) in the province. Reliv has also improved the health of my family members in various ways. Seeing how it has benefitted the health of my loved ones is amazing. We are truly blessed!

Since my daughter entered pre-school, she has always been a diligent student. With the help of Reliv nutrition, she is now an active young lady who loves playing volleyball and singing. We are committed to continue sharing Reliv nutritional products with our friends, family, and prospects for as long as we can because these supplements made a great difference in our family's health. Reliv nutrition really works!

HEALTH DISCLAIMER: The personal testimonials featured reflect individual experiences of Independent Reliv Distributors and are not


necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Robert Sonza

Julia Pasigon with daughter Chloe

Robert Sonza's daughter, Francy

Name: Jun Miano Location: Davao City

Reliv has been a great blessing to my family. It has not only helped my daughter achieve progress in her behavioral therapy, it also led me to enjoying remarkable health benefits. Before Reliv, I used to suffer from low energy, back discomfort and fatty liver. Within four months on Reliv Now? and LunaRichTM X capsules, my energy and quality of life have improved! Despite my busy work schedule or frequent lack of sleep, I rarely get tired or feel stressed out. What's more, the back discomfort I used to feel when I carried my daughter is no longer a problem. My recent ultrasound also shows that I have a healthier liver! Now more than ever, I look forward to going home because I feel great and have more energy to spend quality time with my family. Reliv is indeed our best opportunity for a healthy life!

Jun Miano

Name: Julia Pasigon Location: Baguio City

I got my daughter Chloe on Reliv products to help her get the nutrition boost that she needs to be at her best. She is a picky eater and has a speech delay. With her fussy eating habits, she frequently suffered from constipation. I am thankful that I found out about Reliv's nutritional products on Facebook. After a few months on the products, I noticed improvements in Chloe's digestive health, immune system and speech. Reliv's optimal nutrition is truly a perfect way to get my daughter's nutrition back on track to make her grow healthier, stronger and smarter. My husband and I will make sure to make Reliv shakes a part of her daily regimen. Thank you Reliv!


Reliv Opportunity:



Looking for a long-term career that allows you to work from home, set your own schedule and be your own boss, while keeping yourself on track towards financial freedom? We invite you to take a look at the rewarding income opportunity that a home-based Reliv business offers for everyone!

Generose & Willy Uy Reliv Ambassadors and President's Team members

Ambassadors Generose & Willy Uy of Calbayog City found their dealership business quite lucrative but demanding, and they struggled to find time for family bonding. They decided to join Reliv as Distributors in 2011 and took their focus to achieving success with their home-based business. Now they are not just earning well, they also enjoy time freedom and the lifestyle of their dreams. "Reliv has allowed us to be the parents we always wanted to be while earning an income that far exceeds what we imagined possible from a home-based business. We have the freedom to really enjoy life with our son Aaron because we are in control of our time, as well as our business decisions. We took our Reliv business online in 2013. Facebook marketing has helped us promote Reliv to a larger audience and target the right people. Hence, we have been able to get more leads and close more sales. With this convenient online platform, we were able to reduce our marketing expenses and grow our income by leaps and bounds. What's more, we are always hitting our business targets, so we are able to qualify for lots of free Reliv trips!" says Generose.



There are so many direct selling companies out there, why choose Reliv? Here are a lot of reasons:

Exclusive, patented and proven products offering advanced nutrition

Target market: Reliv is for everyone

Low start-up cost: only P3,500 lifetime membership

No-risk, 100% buyback guarantee and 30-day customer guarantee (visit .ph/reliv-guarantee to learn more)

Built-in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, customer service and more

The chance to earn residual income for life

Successful network of Reliv Distributors with a great interest in helping you succeed

You can earn bonuses and trips around the world

You can make a difference by helping others achieve better health and finances

Offers an option to work from home: part-time or full-time


You don't have to be a nutritionist or a salesperson to launch a Reliv business. All it takes is sharing what you've found:

You drink Reliv shakes

You feel better

You tell people about it

You can get paid for it!

Maria and David Lyons of Cebu City used to follow the traditional way of doing their Reliv business ? making a list, setting up appointments, meeting with prospects and closing the sale. This system worked well with them for years and got them where they needed to be. In 2013, a devastating storm hit the country, which led to their adoption of a 6-month-old baby girl.

"At 55 years old, I was faced with a new challenge - managing my Reliv business while being a new mother. On the other hand, my sister, Maria Van Olphen, was building her Reliv sales using Facebook marketing, working from home. I saw the momentum she created using social media. I asked her to help me create my own page. With Marivi's help, social media has changed the way David and I do business.

In August 2016, we launched our own Facebook page and saw our sales increase immediately. We promoted new Master Affiliates interested in social media marketing. David and I agreed to hire and train assistants to handle the overwhelming inquiries from the cold market. Within months, our business exploded, as the assistants duplicated the strategy and invited friends to learn how to build a Reliv business. We held opportunity meetings, reconnected with our existing leaders, and shared our system. We have regular trainings and established chat groups for ongoing support. For the first time in 17 years, we've experienced tremendous sales growth, as new leaders learn and duplicate our system. David, Marivi and I are excited to help more new leaders achieve success with thriving businesses!" shares Maria.

Maria & David Lyons Reliv Bronze Ambassadors and President's Team members



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