Windows Live Mail Email Disappearing From Inbox

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´╗┐Windows Live Mail Email Disappearing From Inbox

Open Windows Live Mail, Clic the folder where the e-mails have disappeared (i.e., Inbox), Click View, Click Current View or Show or Hide, Click Show all. Forum overview for "Windows Live Mail-Files, Folders, and Online storage" forum on Windows I have a google apps domain and I just now noticed when I drag an email to a folder, WLM shows the its still in the inbox, marked as read, and instead the folder name I dragged it. My storage folders have disappeared.

Windows live mail keeps disappearing - posted in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1: then I went into my email account, all the inbox messages I had disappeared.

If your email signature won't save or keeps disappearing when you add it to your Mac Mail, there's a fix for this Windows Live Mail ? Office 365* ? Google Inbox* May 28, 2015. I have about 1600+ e-mails in my inbox, and it suddenly reduces to 201 e-mails, keeping the latest email and the oldest 200 emails. I've repaired Windows Live. IMAP servers allow users to view email messages via an email client or application. on Server, within your email client is not enabled when using POP mail.

Windows Live Mail Email Disappearing From Inbox

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