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  • best tax free municipal bonds


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      DUPREE MUTUAL FUNDS TAX-EXEMPT MUNICIPAL BOND FUNDS Alabama Tax-Free Income Series – DUALX Kentucky Tax-Free Income Series – KYTFX Kentucky Tax-Free Short-to-Medium Series – KYSMX

    • Franklin Tax-Free Income Funds

      Municipal bonds provide income that is generally free from regular federal income tax and, depending on the issuer, state and local income taxes as well. Thus, even though municipal bond yields have typically been lower than taxable fixed income alternatives, you may be able to keep more of what you earn after taxes with tax-free municipal bonds.2

    • Invesco Municipal Income Fund fact sheet (PDF)

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      Revenue Bonds 80.99 General Obligation Bonds 7.66 Prerefunded/ETM 7.17 Cash/Other 4.18 May not equal 100% due to rounding. A diversified tax-free strategy that seeks monthly income by investing in a portfolio of long-maturity municipal bonds. Class A shares at NAV (June 30, 2009 – June 30, 2019) † Invesco Municipal Income Fund - $17,071

    • Municipal bond investing - A closer look at tax-exempt debt (PDF)

      Earning tax-free income One of the best ways to gauge the tax-exempt advantage of a municipal bond is to compare its yield to that of a comparable taxable investment. The table below shows the tax-equivalent yield based on the individual federal income tax rates for municipal bonds yielding 3.0%, 4.0% or 5.0%.

    • Munis continue their streak

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      financial condition of issuers of municipal securities than for public corporations. The market for municipal bonds may be less liquid than for taxable bonds. A portion of the income from tax-exempt bonds may be taxable. Some investors may be subject to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Capital gains distributions, if any, are taxable.

    • Tax-Free Funds - T. Rowe Price

      n Tax-free municipal bonds posted modestly positive returns in the six-month period ended August 31, 2018, and munis outperformed taxable investment-grade bonds. n The longer-term relative performance of the T. Rowe Price Tax-Free Funds remains favorable. n We continue to favor bonds backed by a dedicated revenue stream over general obligation ...

    • Vanguard Municipal Bond Funds

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      five tax-exempt bond funds discussed in this report ranged from –0.80% for Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund to 0.68% for Vanguard Short-Term Tax-Exempt Fund. Results of the funds versus their benchmark indexes and peer groups were mixed. • While fundamentals remained solid, municipal bonds went through a bumpy patch

    • Vanguard Municipal Bond Funds

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      Vanguard Municipal Bond Funds ... You may elect to receive paper copies of all future shareholder reports free ... Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds (97.3%)

    • Weighing the Choice between Taxable and Tax-Free Bonds

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      additional benefit by investing in tax-free bonds within them. By doing so, you may be needlessly forgoing a higher yield from a taxable bond. Tax-free munis are best held in taxable accounts. When Less is More Here's an example of how to calculate the yield a taxable bond must provide to equal that of a tax-free bond. Let's say you are in the ...

    • Wisconsin Double Tax Exempt Municipal Bond Information FOR ...

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      Wisconsin Double Tax Exempt Municipal Bond Information FOR WISCONSIN RESIDENTS ONLY This information is provided to current H. C. Denison Customers who hold these Municipal Bonds and does not represent our current inventory of available Bonds. Bonds with double tax exempt status in the State of