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      This first half of IB HL Biology will expose you to a HUGE amount of biological knowledge…much of which is cutting-edge science. Biological science is changing as I type these words, and by taking this class you will gain an excellent groundwork to critically understand biological topics that will undoubtedly influence your life in the future.

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      Command Terms in the Sciences The command terms below are used throughout the IB Biology program. They tell you what to do with each piece of information. Many exam questions use command terms. (Find description of these three objectives on page 5.) Objective 1. Define Give the precise meaning of a word, phrase or physical quantity.

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      IB Command Terms will be used on all unit tests, which will consist of multiple-choice questions, data-based questions, short-answer and extended response questions based on experimental skills and techniques, analysis and evaluation as well as core content.

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      IB Biology Command Terms Card Sort. Instructions. Cut out all the cards. Match the command terms with the appropriate definitions. Group the command terms into the three assessment objectives. Assessment objectives. Assessment objective 1 - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

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      Biology Standard Level Paper 2. November 2015: 1 Larvae of caddis flies were observed in parts of the headwater streams where organic debris from corn crops had accumulated. Laboratory experiments were performed to try to find out if these larvae could be affected by consuming debris from Bt corn. ... Command terms for Assessment Objective 1 ...

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      What are you most anxious about in IB Biology? Anything else you think I should know…. Assignment 3: Make flashcards of the IB command terms and be prepared for a quiz. You must have all IB command terms handwritten on 3x5 index cards on the first day of school and be prepared for quiz. IB terms are found on pages 4-5.

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      Command Terms for IB Biology. Assessment Objective 1. Define. Give the precise meaning of a word, phrase, or physical quantity. Draw. Represent by means of a labeled, accurate diagram or graph, using a pencil.

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