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    • 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel

      The Roles of Perceived Travel Benefits, Importance, and Constraints in Predicting Travel Behavior Chun-Chu Chen1 and James F. Petrick2 Abstract Previous studies have demonstrated the experiential, health, and relaxation benefits of leisure travel. Building on the model

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    • Examining perceptions of the importance of travel websites ...

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      The Importance of Travel Journalism Journalists strive to be honest and present only the facts. Most strive to do non-biased work, though this doesn’t always translate into value. Some forms of journalism are seen as more vital than others. Travel journalism tends to be dismissed as frivolous.

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    • Introduction to Travel Agency

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      The importance of the industry – facts & figures 2 Provides vital economic benefits Is a major employer Is a highly efficient user of resources and infrastructure ... of commerce, travel and tourism institutions, ground transportation and communications providers.

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      The importance and the economic contribution of this activity fluctuate from nation to nation. Although there are countries whose economy relies largely on tourism, its role is so well integrated in contemporary economies that the economic impact is relevant even to the less important countries in terms of

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    • The Effects of Travel Motivation on Satisfaction: The Case ...

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      travel patterns as well as self-assessed effect of travelling is presented. In chapter 6, we look further into the value of travelling. To be more precise, regression analysis is used to estimate the effects of travelling on three dimen-sions of trust in others.

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    • The Importance of Tourism to a Destination's Economy

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      1.3 Travel Agency Role and Importance Role of a Travel Agency (a) Inbound Tourism Most of the travel companies are in private sectors and their main objectives is to earn profit; in spite of this they play a key role in the promotion and development of international tourism. In India about 50 percent the

    • The Roles of Perceived Travel Benefits, Importance, and ...

      importance of travel motivations in relation to tourists’ satisfaction and Section 2.2 delineates the main types of travel motivations that have emerged in studies about older tourists. Next, the methodology of the study is presented, followed by the results, the discussion, and future research directions. ...

    • The Value of Travelling A global study FINAL NewFrontPage

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      Despite the importance of website design and usefulness in understanding travel motivations, these two topics are very rarely discussed together in the academic literature. In this study the effects of travel motivations on the tourists’ perceptions of the importance of …

    • The economic & social benefits of air transport

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      The Role of ICT in Tourism Industry 72 JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, VOL.1, ISSUE 4 – DECEMBER, 2013, PP. 67-79 and personnel) and front Office (customers’ history, itinerary development, ticketing and communication with suppliers) functions, travel agencies have achieved significant synergies, efficiencies and cost savings.