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    • Towards a New Education Act - National Education Commission

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      departments and units of the Ministry of Education, Faculties and Departments of ... Education in Sri Lanka appears to have moved on without the guidance of a.

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    • Ministry Of Education Sri Lanka

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      The Ministry of Education has conducted an uninterrupted series of annual school censuses for the last 50 ... There are 10,162 government schools in Sri Lanka.

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    • Report - 2017 - Department of Census and Statistics

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      Ministry of Education- Sri Lanka ... (School) education system and to be used as basis for identifying the .... Government schools by province in Sri Lanka. 55 iv ...

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    • EDUCATION [Cap. 381 - CommonLII

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      Sep 1, 2018 ... Ordinance, there shall be a Department of. Education ... (2) The Department of Education existing on ...... Code, either for the whole of Sri Lanka.

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    • Statistical Bulletin on Education -2018 - nhrdc

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      Annual Performance Report 2016, Ministry of Education ... https://www.doenets.lk /exam/docs/comm/G.C.E.(OL)%20%20Examination%202017%20Perfoma.

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    • School-Level Bottlenecks in Improving O-Level Performance in ...

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      Jul 10, 2017 ... Central Ministry of. Education. Provincial. Ministries of. Education. (9). Education Zones. (98). Education. Divisions. (311). Provincial Schools.

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    • Ministry of Education

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      Ministry of Education. 'egdlerro', Aofod$glg, fi 4.1otlcO,. ' $aglrru ll u$pggoeilzu, @aorfianm. 'Isurupaya', Battatamulla, Sri Lanka. ' o +941t2785141-50 € +-{) ...

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