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    • [PDF File] The use (and misuse) of archaeological salmon data to infer …

      archaeological sites and (2) a reinterpretation of historical accounts. Her interpretations have been widely discussed by those interested in New England salmon conservation and have the potential to influ-ence management decisions. We are concerned that the conclusions drawn from Carlson’s research will unduly influence salmon conservation ...

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    • [PDF File] Heritage Indicators 2021 - Historic England

      Heritage Indicators 2021 - Historic EnglandThis report presents the latest data on the state and trends of the historic environment in England, covering topics such as heritage assets, participation, funding, skills and well-being. It also explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the heritage sector and its resilience. Find out how heritage contributes to …

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    • [PDF File] SC O TTI SC H S E H S E S A R IAG E P R A TAG E TP I Sc

      6 Edinburgh Castle (HS) In Edinburgh at the top of the Royal Mile EH1 2NG Daily 9.30am to 6pm (last admission 5.15pm) 0131 225 9846 7 Gladstone's Land (NTS) In Edinburgh city centre, at the top end of the Royal Mile towards Edinburgh Castle EH1 2NT 1 Apr-30 Jun, daily 10am to 5pm. 1 Jul-30 Sep, daily 10am to 6.30pm (5pm in Sep) 0844 493 2120

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      There are, however, some very significant historic industrial sites including early railway remains of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, the Causey Arch and the Bowes Railway, colliery buildings at Woodhorn and Washington F Winder, the 18th century Derwentcote steel cementation furnace and the lead mines of the North Pennines.

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    • [PDF File] Statements of Heritage Significance - Historic England

      However, the applicant needs to be aware of impacts so that the analysis of significance submitted to the LPA, under paragraph 189, is sufficient in its level of detail. 4. Avoid, minimise and mitigate negative impact, in a way that meets the objectives of the NPPF. 5.

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    • [PDF File] Ecological Dynamics and Rural New England Historical Sites

      NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL SITES Peter Thorbahn and Stephen Mrozowski Public Archaeology Laboratory Brown University Providence, Rhode Island 02912 Abstra.ct The economic decline and depopulation of rural New England during the last half of the nineteenth century has been explained largely in terms of specific historical and …

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    • [PDF File] Archaeological Evidence for Glassworking - Historic England

      retain all evidence from small sites, which will include most early sites, while at larger sites, eg post-medieval and historic glassworks, there may be in excess of 50kg of glass and 500kg of crucibles, so if retaining everything is impractical, record approximately how much of each type of material is present overall and ensure that

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    • Sports and Recreation Buildings - Historic England

      Maypole sites survive from as early as the fourteenth . century, and poles are often found on top of the stone bases of medieval crosses. This unusual cast-iron one, in the Cumbrian village of Nether Wasdale, is 10 metres high and was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. Listed Grade II.

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    • Visitor Attractions Trends in England 2020 - Historic England

      2.1Geographical Distribution of Historic Sites 5 2.2Visitor Numbers to Historic Sites 5 2.3Origin of Visitors to Historic Sites 6 ... England-wide analysis of attractions and visits in 2020 and trend data. 1.1 Visitor Attraction Definition . For the purposes of the survey, the definition of a visitor attraction is: ...

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    • [PDF File] Complete List of US National Park Sites and Monuments

      417 US National Parks, Historical Sites, Preserves, Seashores and more! Alabama o Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument o Freedom Riders National Monument o Horseshoe Bend National Military Park o Little River Canyon National Preserve o Russell Cave National Monument o Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site

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      in England survive in the east where, ironically, it is driest. Plentiful oak forests and a rich tradition in timber-framed building were significant reasons for this. In Devon and Cornwall, rainfall is much higher but there was a lack of good quality timber. Roof pitches are shallower, so local detailing has evolved to compensate. For example,

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    • [PDF File] Maximising Vaccine Uptake in Underserved Communities

      Version 1, 26 March 2021. 1.1 This document provides a problem-solving framework, best practice, and practical guidance for implementing a range of interventions to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccination and drive uptake in underserved communities. 1.2 It provides a menu of interventions and choices to increase confidence, improve ...

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    • [PDF File] Public funding of early years education in England: an …

      of England and parts of London. Nearly a quarter of children under five were in nursery classes, reaching around 50 per cent in some authorities in the North of England, parts of the Midlands and parts of London. Very low proportions of children were in nursery classes in certain areas, especially in the South of England.

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    • [PDF File]

      The Shutesbury Historical Commission (HC) shall invite local avocational archaeologists, who know "best the true number and location" of Native American historical and traditional features (as stated in the Town Master Plan, Natural and Historic Resources section), to contribute surveys and data, and to gather in

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    • [PDF File] APR 2U 1364 Historical Floods in New England - USGS …

      For example, historical-flood heights in New England were frequently affected by ice jams or log jams, or were notable because bridges and dams were swept away. All these conditions may affect stage-dis­ charge relations locally and temporarily. A relatively minor flood- flow may cause unusual flood heights locally if the water is backed up ...

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    • [PDF File] Historical Archaeology Sites: Manufacture, Marks, …

      historical sites of pottery production in Southern China. In this article, the author presents information on ceramics that are commonly found in nearly all sites associated with 19th century Chinese immigrants, drawing from his life experience, research, and travel to pottery producing regions and ceramic

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    • Mills - Historic England

      Watermills have been classified both by their morphology - for example horizontal mills (also known as Greek or Norse mills), vertical mills (also known as Roman mills), and tide/sea mills- and by function (corn-, fulling- and hammer-mills amongst many others). Examples of watermills are known from the Romano-British period onwards.

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      historic england excavation recording manual (2018) contents 1 module one: introduction 1.1 historic england . 1.1.1 how we work 1.1.2 working practice – task allocation and flexibility . 1.2 purpose of the manual 1.3 how to use this manual 1.4 the context record 1.5 the record forms 1.6 record number allocation

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    • [PDF File] The Top Ten Myths About Historic Preservation By Ken …

      1930s. Such sites underscore that preservation can be about the “power of place” found at sites containing rich social and cultural meaning. Myth #5: “Historic preservation is bad for business.” Fact: Historic preservation is at the very heart of our nation’s most vibrant economic development and business attraction programs.

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    • [PDF File] Industrial Sites - Historic England

      the National Heritage List for England. For archaeological sites and monuments, they are divided into categories ranging from Agriculture to Utilities and complement the listing selection guides for buildings. Scheduling is applied only to sites of national importance, and even then only if it is the best means of protection. Only deliberately

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    • [PDF File] Tourists’ motives, expectation and experience to historical …

      Table 1 presents the percentage distribution of the respondents. Most of the respondents 18-26 years old with 151 or 38 percent, followed by those aged 27-35 years old with 115 or 29 percent while the 75 or 18.9 percent are ages 36-44 years old, and the rest are 45 years old and above with 56 or 14.10 percent.

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    • [PDF File] Anglo-Saxon and Norman England - Walton Academy

      Paper 2 – Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c.1060-1088 4 What was England like in Anglo-Saxon times? England had a population of about 2 million people (less than half of London today!) Almost everyone farmed land. England was a Christian country, and religion played a large role in everyday life.

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    • [PDF File]

      pit carved out of the top, a brazen excavation in, THE MOST SPLENDIDLY STRIKING MOUNTAIN SCENERY UPON THE FACE OF THE GLOBE." THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED that the summit of Bell Mtn. shall hereafter be protected as BELL MOUNTAIN COUNTY PARK AND HISTORICAL SITE, with a " HAL HERRIN OVERLOOK" erected …

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    • [PDF File] The Recent Evolution of the Church of England’s Liturgical …

      how the Canons governing the Church of England’s liturgical procedures might be interpreted today.1 It is written by a historian, not by a canon lawyer. Instead, it offers a narrative description of the evolution of the Canons, providing historical context for their formation, development, and use. The story mainly takes place in the final

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    • Traditional Windows - Their Care, Repair and Upgrading

      Contact Historic England ..... 68 < < Contents 1 Introduction. Twenty years ago, a campaign called Framing Opinions (English Heritage 1994-7) was launched to highlight the increasing loss of traditional windows from older buildings and historic areas. Other initiatives have since continued to highlight the issue. ...

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