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    • An Easy Guide to Buying a Home

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      characteristics you want in your home. Use the handy Evaluation Chart provided on page 20 to note down the desired characteristics of your dream home, and use it to evaluate how the different homes you look at meet your desires. Make several copies of the chart and carry them with you as you search for the ideal home, keeping in mind


    • Buyer Questionnaire Form - Top Producer® Website

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      Buyer Questionnaire Form. ... Home Phone Home Phone Work Phone Work Phone Cell Phone Cell Cell same as home Yes No Cell same as home Yes No . E-Mail E-Mail Facebook_____ Facebook_____ ... meaning you’re in no particular hurry an 10 meaning you want to buy a home this week – how

    • When Short-Term Rehab Turns into a Long-Term Stay

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      (rehabilitation) unit in a nursing home .But this does not always happen. Sometimes a short-term stay turns into a long-term stay. This is likely to result in a move to a longstay - unit in the same facility or a move to a different nursing home. Most family caregivers and patients do not want or expect this move to happen.


    • From questions to confidence - Chase

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      From questions to confidence Simple tools and advice to help you . feel at home while buying one . 2. ... buy a home and will help you: ... How do I go about finding the perfect home and making an offer? Know what you want in your future home and how to find it. 5. What do I do after my offer is accepted?

    • buying and selling - Oklahoma

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      If you want to own your own house, if you work for it and plan for it, ... involved in buying and selling a home. In it, you will find ... You can buy or sell real estate without the services of a real estate broker or sales associate, if you have the knowl-edge and the time to devote to this task. However, most of ...


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      Rural Development - Manufactured Housing Fact Sheet Loan Limitations: Existing units can not be purchased, only New manufactured units. Sites can not be purchased without also financing the unit. Units that do not meet FMHCSS and the Agency’s Thermal Performance Standards can not be financed.

    • Municipal Regulation of Mobile Homes - New York State ...

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      Municipal Regulation of Mobile Homes INTRODUCTION Mobile homes have been a housing option in New York State for more than sixty years. Mobile homes first appeared in New York’s case law in 1939, when the court held that a regulation requiring a permit for any occupied trailer on a private lot for more than 48 hours was invalid because it was

    • HUD Home Store Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs ...

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      HUD Home Store FAQs: Consumers and the General Public 2 | P a g e U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: May 2015 15. Can a buyer elect to use his or her own closing agent? The purchaser can elect to choose any

    • Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017

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      of 18 in their home. Buyers 52 to 61 are also more likely to buy a multi-generational home. As the sandwich generation, they are nearly equally likely to buy this type of home for both children over 18 living at home and caretaking for aging parents. Buyers 52 to 61 buy for an array of reasons such as a job-relocation, desire for a smaller home,

    • Do you own your own manufactured home and are only renting ...

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      Do you own your own manufactured home and are only renting the lot? Read here to learn about your rights. The law that applies to rentals of lots for placement of manufactured homes is called the Montana Residential Mobile Home Lot Rental Act (“Lot Rental Act”), which can be found in the law at section 70-33-101, Montana Code Annotated.

    • How To Avoid Buying A Meth House - Wonder Makers

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      How to avoid buying a meth house A home that’s contaminated because of methamphetamine production or use may show few visible signs of the risks it poses. And if that weren’t bad enough, there’s a ... purchase inspection of a home you want to buy. You’ll learn much more by watching the inspection and

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