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Fourth Nine-Week Overview

09-01-2010 – 11-25-2010


During the second nine weeks, first grade students will continue to use their singing voices to learn their “song of the month” – a new song every month that highlights the month’s activities. Students will continue to learn to play a variety of rhythm instruments. They will begin to explore melody bells as a review of high and low sounds, and begin to accompany songs. First graders will listen to and learn about the “Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saens and explore how music is used to tell a story. A variety of seasonal holiday songs will be included as well.


Second grade students will continue to work on listening and pitch match through antiphonal (echo) singing. Students will learn the story of the “Do” family and practice singing melodic intervals using Kodaly pitch names and solfege. Students will prepare and present their winter musical entitled, “HOLIDAY HOEDOWN AT THE O.K. CORRAL”, ON Thursday, December 7th. In December students will learn about the famous Russian composer, Peter Tchaikovsky, and “The Nutcracker Ballet”. A variety of seasonal holiday songs will as be included. January will begin with an emphasis on China. Students will listen to a Chinese folk tale and then enhance the retelling of the story with musical instruments.


Third grade students will continue creating vocal harmony by singing rounds and 3-part canons. Several lessons will be devoted to rhythmic review to include all known music notes and rests plus the whole note, sixteenth notes, and half and whole rests. Several rhythm activities, games, and worksheets will be included. Third graders will experience harmony and chords with boomwhackers plus ensemble playing using Orff instruments to accompany songs. An emphasis on good mallet technique and maintaining rhythmic ostinati (repeated patterns) will be stressed as students perform in 3-part layered ensembles. A variety of holiday songs from around the world will also be included. In January students will be beginning preparing for their multicultural musical presentation entitled, “A Small Part of the World”, to be presented on Tuesday, February 27th.


We will begin the second nine weeks with an American Education Week musical program entitled, “America, My Home”, to be presented on Tuesday, November 14th. Students will have a review of basic note values and rests using activities such as Chair Rhythms, Music Math, and Rhythm Bingo. Students will learn about building chords and creating harmony using resonator bells and handchimes. Harmony will be further explored by singing partner songs and accompanying songs with changing chords on the autoharp. Students will identify musical form and patterns through listening and movement. We will experience some seasonal winter songs and music from a Russian composer named Sergei Prokofiev.


During the second nine weeks, fifth grade students will concentrate on reading musical notation from the treble staff and playing the soprano recorder. Students will be asked to demonstrate proficiency by playing the C major scale, both ascending and descending. The pattern for a building a major scale with whole steps and half steps will be explained. Students will be introduced to accidentals – sharps for raising the pitch and flats for lowering the pitch. Several new fingerings will be introduced in order to play songs in a variety of keys, including low C, F, F#, Bb, and high E. Students will continue to earn belts in Recorder Karate. Each belt requires students to successfully perform two songs on their recorder. Students will be given a packet of holiday music for the recorder. Students are expected to bring their music folders and recorders to music class and practice their recorder outside of school. Syncopated rhythms will be introduced and basic note values reviewed. Students will have a field trip to Eagle Ridge Middle School on December 19th to view a showcase concert featuring musical opportunities for sixth grade.


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